About The Museum and Sano Ryûichi

The Sano Art Museum was founded by SANO Ryûichi(1889-1977), with his collections in 1966. He was born in Mishima and finished Nirayama High School and Kuramae High School(the present Tokyo Institute of Technology). He later established a company called “Tekkôsha” and, in so doing, contributed to the development of the chemical industry in Japan. He was awarded the Second Order of the Sacred Treasure in 1965.

The Museum’s Japanese garden was put in place first in his favorite city, Mishima, and exhibition building was later constructed beside it. Because of his contribution, SANO was recognized as an “Honored Citizen”. The Sano Art Museum cerebrated with abundant water and greenery has long been a favorite place of recreation of the citizens of Mishima.

About The Museum